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Proposal for Christmas Eve Menu

Proposal for Christmas Eve Menu

Hot Dishes

  • Red beetroot puree or with the ears
  • Porcini cream with puff pasta
  • Mushroom soup with noodles
  • Carp fried with lemon
  • Sola baked in lemon sauce
  • Grilled salmon with green pepper
  • Noodles with cabbage and mushrooms
  • Dumplings with cabbage and mushrooms roasted on butter
  • Cabbage with dried mushrooms


  • Carp in the jelly with almonds
  • Trout trout with caper mousse
  • Terrina fish with vegetables
  • Fish in Greek
  • Fish stuffed
  • Salmon rolls with dill – yogurt
  • Herring fillets in sour cream
  • Japanese herring spatula with green peas
  • Herring spices in spicy marinade
  • Sauces: horseradish, horseradish, turmeric


  • Vegetable salad in Polish
  • Tomato, egg and nut salad
  • Herring salad with peas and onions
  • Tunisian salad with tuna
  • Broccoli with raisins and roasted sesame
  • Selection of breads, cocktail buns


  • Cheesecake with nuts and dark chocolate glaze
  • Makowiec glacrowany
  • Crackers with nuts
  • Spicy gingerbread


  • Dried fruit compote
  • Fruit juices, carbonated drinks
  • Carbonated and non-carbonated mineral water
  • Coffee, tea with additives

Assortment of food and cost are determined individually and depend mainly on the number of participants, duration, form of acceptance. We accept orders for both deliveries and Christmas parties with full service.