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We have been for You since 1992!

Bon Appetit Catering was the forerunner and remains the leader in the catering market in Warsaw and its surroundings. Our long-standing experience, a carefully selected team of professionals and the use of top quality products guarantee you 100% satisfaction.

This is evidenced by the ever-growing number of our new and numerous Clients, including Colgate Palmolive, Halibut, Ciba Geigy, Roche Polska, Creditanstalt, General Motors, Coca-Cola, Pioneer, Poland Press, Budimex , Warbud SA, Volvo, Spedpol, PZU “Życie”).

Each order is a new challenge for us, which allows us to show original and original ideas. In our offer you will find both a small catering organization or a small meeting or event for several hundred or even several thousand people.

Our chefs are able to satisfy even the most demanding customers – both those who like traditional Polish cuisine and those who love international cuisine and culinary novelties.


We only use natural raw materials and spices, so we can extract the natural flavor and flavor of each dish. We are absolutely opponents and do not use artificial flavor enhancers, artificial colors, artificial enhancers, consistency, durability and appearance of prepared dishes. We also do not use any semi-finished products, ready sauces, dried potato flakes or egg powder.

We make sure that all the ingredients from which we prepare meals come from proven suppliers, are the best species and have the appropriate certifications.

We use standard internal Good Hygiene Practices (GHP), Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and all HACCP procedures to keep raw materials, produce and store food.

In our offer we take into account the modern diet based on modern dietitians. Supervision in our company over the technological and production processes is performed by a dietician and food technologist and nutritionist.


As part of the service, we provide you with the highest quality catering service. Meals are prepared exclusively from fresh and high quality products. Our cooks will adapt to your dietary needs, and will prepare your home and foreign dishes.

  • Professional waiter service,
  • catering equipment,
  • tableware and accessories,
  • elegant hall in the center of Warsaw, where you can successfully prepare a formal reception for about 60 people.

Over the years we have been working on the trust of our customers by providing the highest level of service. We are proud that our customers are happy to recommend us to others.

We offer catering for family gatherings such as weddings, christenings, communion receptions, family reunions, jubilees, Christmas meetings, funerals and events such as: fun for children (eg Christmas tree, children’s day), New Year’s Eve, carnival balls, picnics, vernissages , meetings with authors and thematic events.

We will also provide catering services for companies such as: trainings, conferences, outdoor integration trips, banquets, wafer meetings.

The cost of comprehensive reception is determined individually and depends on the menu, the number of participants and the service and the duration.


Catering and party organization is the domain of Bon Appetit Catering Sp. z oo since 1992. We set new directions in gastronomy, as the first in the capital we introduced catering.

We have an elegant room in the center of Warsaw, where you can successfully prepare a formal reception for about 60 people.

We organize parties varied in terms of number of people, ranging from small, intimate, and for several thousand to finishing.

Thanks to exceptional arrangement, pleasant and professional service we will create an unforgettable atmosphere complemented by excellent works of our chefs and competent staff will advise you how to professionally prepare a party to leave pleasant memories for a long time.



We offer regular meals for:

  • Corporate canteens
  • nursing homes
  • school and pre-school canteens
  • school shops

We try to provide the widest assortment of lunch dishes, short bar dishes, cold and hot snacks, salads, confectionery as well as merchandise and a menu at each of the points we adjust to the needs of consumers.

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