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Easter menu proposal

Easter menu proposal


  • Easter easter egg and white sausage
  • Baked pancakes with eggs and chives
  • Roasted turkey breast in spring sauce


  • Eggs garnished with sardine paste
  • Eggs garnished with salmon paste
  • Egg with mushroom stuffing
  • Egg in spring sauce with radish and chives
  • Tartlets roasted with spinach and feta cheese
  • Salmon rolls with yogurt-dill mousse
  • Mosaic of fish rolls in crystal jelly
  • Pork stuffed with dried plum or apricots
  • Ruloniki with pork chop with horseradish-egg
  • Terrina with ham, egg and green pea
  • Easter roll board
  • Roasted meat


  • Salad with nuts, eggs and tomatoes
  • Vegetable salad in Polish
  • Spring salad with spinach and cherry tomatoes
  • Greek salad
  • Turkey with spicy soy sauce
  • Broccoli with egg and tomato
  • Drinks, horseradish with cream
  • Selection of breads with herbs and grains, taste butter


  • Easter BABA with nuts
  • Easter bunny
  • Cheesecake with nuts and dark chocolate glaze
  • Luxury Passover
  • Orange cappuccino cheesecake


  • Fruit juices, carbonated drinks
  • Carbonated and non-carbonated mineral water
  • Coffee, tea with additives

The cost of full service reception depends on the menu, the number of participants and the duration and is set individually.

If you are interested please contact us and we will prepare an individual offer or send a price list.